Malaysian Recipes

Malaysian Recipes consist of famous and popular Malay Food, Chinese Food, Indian Food, Eurasian Food, Peranakan Food or Nyonya Food Recipes. Malaysian food are not only found in the Southeast Asian countries but also in all other parts of the world. Besides food, local and traditional Nyonya Desserts or Peranakan Desserts are also very famous and popular not only in Southeast Asia but also other countries in the world. Some of the food in the Malaysian Recipes may be mild, not too spicy, whereas some can be extremely spicy but tasty and delicious like those in Assam Pedas, Assam Laksa, Beef Rendang, Chicken Curry, Gulai Tumis and Spicy Ayam Tempra. There are also some which falls in between that is, moderately spicy. It is in Malaysia that you find many variants in its food and desserts recipes. Malaysian culinary cuisine is rich in its variety – the result of its multicultural influences. Some of the Malaysian food recipes are exotic, some with simple and easy instructions on how to cook and prepare Malaysian dishes. Some Malaysian food may vary in terms of methods and styles of cooking and the use of Asian ingredients, herbs, spices and ingredients. The most common Asian ingredients used in just about every Malaysian Recipes in this region and one that you cannot possibly do without in Malaysia, is the infamous chili.