Thailand Recipes

Thai Recipes, not only are they known in Thailand but also appreciated around the world. Some of the Thai cuisine found in most famous Thai recipes are the popular hot, sour and spicy – Thai “Tom Yam Kung”, Isan Sour Fish Soup or “gaeng som pla isan” and Pumpkin Soup with Coconut Cream; Salads – Green Papaya Salad and Bamboo Shoot Salad; Rice – Thai Pineapple Fried Rice and Beef Fried Rice with Basil recipes. These are just some of the basic authentic and tasty Thai food which are usually very easy and simple to cook and prepare. The Thais use robustly flavored ingredients, herbs and spices to impart the four contrasting tastes to their food: sweet, sour, salty and hot or spicy. The sharp contrasting flavors are cleverly blended so that each one is distinct and yet not overpowering. In Thailand, when there is food, there is entertainment. There are also special Thai food areas in all the major city centers. In Thailand the food is delicious, tasty and great because vendors specialize in one dish, often grow their own ingredients or get them fresh from that day’s market and use classic country Thai Recipes which we are provided here together with the methods, ways and techniques showing how to cook the most famous and popular Thai Cuisines. Coconut milk and the favorite Thai red curry paste and green curry paste are essentials for dishes such as Green Chicken Curry. Shrimps are widely used and duck is a favorite in Thailand, a result of the Chinese influence here.