Bakes and Cakes Recipes

Cakes, desserts, pastries or sweet tasting foods have always been among life’s pleasures for the Asians. Today with the modern and new methods, ways or techniques for baking, it has become easy and simple to bake a tasty and delicious cake, cookies, prepare baked or steamed desserts, kuih, sweets and puddings. While not indispensable for man’s survival they have, in the truest sense, sweetened our existence. Homemade traditional or local Asian cakes and pastries has become popular again, and the culinary arts of our ancestors are appreciated once more. Asian baking has its history and traditions, but it also reflects the spirit of our time. While some new confections pay homage to the preferences and styles of the past, they are often lighter than the old classics. Asian traditional bakes and cakes are extremely popular in Southeast Asian countries, and also becoming famous and popular in other parts of the world, particularly steamed cakes or sweets, which are very rich, tasty, delicious and the main attraction during festive occasions after or even before meals or as a snack for teatime. Treat this collection of cakes recipes as a guide to inspire you and inject your personality into these baking experience. Read the recipes carefully and prepare the required ingredients before you begin on your creations and enjoy making these cakes and pastries as much as you have enjoyed creating them.

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