Desserts Recipes

Traditional Asian desserts and kuih, cakes, sweets, pastries, pudding, and jelly recipes for all southeast asian countries both traditionally or local are easy and simple desserts to make at home. Comforting and familiar, Asian desserts and sweets have been an addiction since man discovered sugar and honey during the dawn of civilization. Today, we flock the many outlets of kuih, desserts and sweets stalls for that sugar-fix. Although much loved by many, the secrets and how to make or prepare these homely, tasty and delicious treats are fast becoming lost artforms. Take a delicious trip down memory lane and get busy with our Asian traditional nyonya or peranakan kuih and desserts recipes. Asian sweets and desserts are served either at the last course of a meal or during teatime. It was usual to offer an array of kuih and desserts after a meal which might be a pudding, custard, paste, fruit, candies, cream, sweet and savory dumplings or soups, delectable snacks or ‘dim sum’, fancy cake or pastries. Besides the usual kuih or crackers – excite jaded palate and sight with this exotic platter laden with Malaysian Peranakan or Nyonya kuih and desserts – nyonya kuih talam, huat kuih or fluffy sweet rice cake, kuih koci, and kuih kosui, teochew dessert – au nee or sweet yam paste; beautifully crafted Japanese desserts and confectionary – green tea ice cream, milk kanten or Japanese milk jelly; Thai desserts – Thai fried pineapple, Thai tapioca pudding, and jellies; Indonesian desserts and kuih – barongkolo pisang, kuih abuk-abuk, kuih nagasari and crackers; Indian desserts – Indian almond ice cream, Kashmiri apple pudding, saffron and cardamom yogurt and sweetmeats; Filipino desserts – Leche Flan, iced fruit mix, and purple yam pudding. Nowadays, the habit is to offer one or more of the kuih and desserts – but the importance of the sweets and desserts course remains undiminished.