Philippines Recipes

All Philippines Recipes consists of food, being Malay-based is one of the most varied and exciting cuisines in the South East Asia. Recipes of the Philippines are influenced by a mixture of Malay, Chinese and Spanish, with just a touch of American influence. The Filipinos also introduced many of their Filipino Recipes for their Filipino foods and special festive dishes, such as the arroz a la paella, menudo, pochero, morcon, fritada, cardillo, leche flan, capuchinos and membrillo. Filipino cuisine is as much influenced by Spanish tastes as it is by the Malay and Chinese way of cooking besides the native Filipino food dishes whereas the Chinese influence is also strongly evident in Filipino food such as the pancit guisado recipe and other Filipino noodle dishes. As in the rest of Asia, rice is also the staple food of the Philippine people. In this country, lunch and dinner are both big meals for the Filipinos. The Filipino-Chinese food came to Philippine through the Chinese who came to trade and sometimes stayed on. When the Spaniards came, they brought their food influences from Spain and Mexico to Philippine. From the most famous and popular national dishes such as Adobo, stuffed chicken breast Marengo (apparently, this dish was created to serve Napoleon, the ruler of olden France), to the fiery foods of the Bicol region where coconut milk is a favored ingredient, Filipino food is a concoction of the tantalizing textures, flavors and colors. Other traditional dishes of the Philippines or traditional Filipino recipes are the guinataan recipe, pesa recipe, sinigang recipe, kari-kari recipe, pipian recipe, and kilawin recipe; just to name a few of the Filipino best, famous and popular recipes. We have provided below recipes of the Philippines which are tasty, delicious, easy and simple to follow, cooking techniques and method on how to cook Filipino food. Have fun!