Korean Recipes

In traditional Korean recipes, cook prepare dishes over a wood fire and cooking is very labor intensive. But in modern Korean recipes, the wood fire has since been replaced by modern conveniences such as the gas and electric stove, making cooking Korean dishes both convenient and easy. Koreans, like most Asians, eat a lot of rice – though in ancient times they ate millet. Korean Food which are tasty and delicious such as Korean Kimchi, Barbecued Beef, Chicken Stuffed with Ginseng, Korean Barbecue Pork, Korean Rice Cakes with Kimchi, Korean Kimchi Hotpot and Ginseng Soup Recipes found in the below list of Korean Recipes are relatively easy, simple to prepare or cook and no special equipment is necessary. There is always impression that Korean cooking is overly hot and spicy. With creativity and rich in culture, Koreans have come out with fine foods and mouth-watering cool delights that are never greasy. Korean Recipes showing how to cook the Korean methods are now available in Southeast Asian countries and also other parts of the world. The authentic or traditional cooking methods, ways or techniques of Korean, includes everyday breakfast, lunch, dinner for Korean food, side dishes, rice, hotpot, soups, noodles, sweets and desserts, banquet or festive food choices and selections fit for a king. I hope that people all over the world can enjoy cooking the many fine foods of Korea.