Indonesian Recipes

Indonesian Recipes are popular and famous throughout the world. Southeast Asia countries, food is often the last bastion of our individual cultures. We seldom dress according to our ethnicities, but we still hark back to our roots when it comes to food. Indeed, our roots call to us when we sit down for a meal, may it be lunch or dinner. Food is our cultural heritage. In Indonesia everyday meals, breakfast, lunch, dinner or supper are not a social activity and eating is usually a solitary occupation; food is quickly eaten in a quiet corner and always with the right hand. (The left hand is considered unclean and it is an offence to pass something or eat with the left hand). As in many Asian countries, rice is the staple food in Indonesia, famous with its many rice recipes such as the Fragrant Rice Recipe, Indonesian Lontong or Compressed Rice Cakes and its festive Yellow Rice Recipes. Its magnificently sculpted, terraced rice fields are often featured in postcards and advertisements. As trade between India and the Spice Islands grew and Western colonization became an equalizing factor, curries evolved into local cuisine in Southeast Asian countries. Across the Indonesian archipelago, Malaysia and Singapore, curries became very much part of the daily diet of Indonesian. As in India, the varieties evolved to a range that included searing red hot curries to milder, more herbal dishes – like our Indonesians Turmeric Chicken Curry Recipe. There are also the best, tasty, delicious, most famous and popular Indonesian food such as the Creamy Duck Curry Recipe, Opor Ayam Recipe, Singgang Daging Recipe, Semur Ayam Recipe, Rendang Daging Recipe, Spicy Tempe with Quail Eggs Recipe and Hot and Sour Seafood Soup Recipe or Ikan Assam Pedas Recipe. Indonesian cooking techniques, ways and methods are very easy and simple and vary little from that of other cultures and cuisines. The key secrets in preparing Indonesian food recipes lies in the mixing and blending of spices, and as such, it is important to use only fresh Asian ingredients and spices when preparing Indonesian dishes. Steaming is very famous and popular cooking method throughout Indonesia for meat, fish, rice, vegetables, sausages and sweet snacks recipes. It is a very gentle cooking process and steamed food retains many nutrients and vitamins. There is also the quick and basic cooking methods for tender cuts of meat or fish ie sautéing or pan-frying besides the traditional roasting methods.