Singaporean Recipes

Singapore has a rich cooking tradition. Singaporean food is tasty, delicious and some hot and spicy. This culinary treasure is the sum total of thousands of households reflecting the different food traditions of Singapore’s parent cultures consisting of Malay, Chinese, Indian and English – as well as Portuguese, Dutch, American, Korean, Thai and Indonesian cooking influences. Instead of a clash of cultures, we have a unique culinary heritage that boasts well-loved and memorable dishes such as Singapore Chicken Curry that is unlike any country’s; coconut noodle, laksa recipe, that has found fans as far away as Australia and England; Singaporean inventions such as Ponggol chili crab; a Chinese New Year raw fish salad and a truly multiracial indian rojak and mee goreng recipe cooked up by an Indian stall holder using Chinese noodles, Western sauces and loved by all races. Diverse cultures aside, there have been influences at work throughout our history that have created the food of modern Singapore which are easy and simple to cook.