Indian Recipes

Indian recipes are not necessarily always consisting of spicy food. However, Indian food can be tasty, delicious and mild in flavor. The best authentic and famous Indian Recipes such as the Tandoori Chicken, Mysore Mutton Curry, Chicken Korma, Lamb Korma or other Korma Curry Recipes, Spicy Chicken Curry, Rogan Josh or also known as Kashmiri Lamb Curry, Rice Pilau and other rice recipes are provided below for your cooking pleasure. India is a vast and ancient land of amazing variety, beginning in the awesome Himalayas in the north and moving on to the great Gigantic plain. Rice is the staple food in southern, central and eastern parts of India and when eaten at an Indian meal forms the major part of the meal. Rice, Briyani or Pilau especially the Moghul Briyani and other Rice Recipes such as Korma Pilau, Lamb Briyani, are the masterpiece of many Eastern cooks and the central dish at festive dinners. The astonishing variety of India is reflected in its Indian cuisine, which is regarded by those who have enjoyed genuine Indian food as being among the world’s greatest. Indian food is quick, easy and simple to prepare or cook and eating Indian food is thus a discovery of the culture, the richly varied history and the spicy treasures of this fascinating land. Although Indian cuisines involves using an often-complex blending of spices and sometimes two or three different cooking methods during the preparation of a single dish, it is very much easier than it sounds. Curry is often associated with the Indian Subcontinent but not all Indian spiced dish is a curry, and Indian curries are not just one dish. Indian food is vibrant, colorful, enticing, easy and simple to cook or prepare and satisfying. The essence of good, genuine Indian cooking found in all Indian food recipes revolves around the appropriate use of exotic spices, delicate herbs, ingredients, meats, vegetables and cereals. Indians are adventurous and there is nothing that cannot be spiced up in an Indian kitchen. In India, food customs vary from region to region. When you are choosing dishes for an Indian meal, breakfast, lunch or dinner, do not hesitate to mix and match Indian recipes from different regions. Included below are also some easy to prepare traditional Indian regional home cooking recipes for you.